Mediation Services, Parenting Plans,​ Divorce

I am a Certified Mediator and Certified Family Mediator

and a proud Board Member of the Montana Mediation Association.

Conflict is natural and a part of our every day lives.

Mediation offers a peaceful alternative dispute resolution process.  It is collaborative,

consensus driven and often much, much less expensive than going to Court.

I offer a sliding fee scale based upon each disputants last year's gross income.

I offer two styles of Mediation:

Facilitative Mediation provides the safety, structure, and process, to resolve conflict so that all parties have a say in the outcome and resolution.  It is an opportunity to create a win/win situation.  I do not take sides, nor deliver judgment,  but rather help facilitate a civil conversation, where concerns and issues can be discussed and collaboratively problem solved.  

I also offer Transformative Mediation, which focuses on empowering disputants to speak their truth, listen well and recognize each other's perceptions and struggles.  This often allows for greater reciprocal recognition, and ultimately, consensus resolution. 
​For More Information on Transformational Mediation check out this book*:​

Some situations that lend themselves well to Mediation are:

Landlord/Tenant Issues  
Neighbor/ Neighbor Issues
Workplace Disputes/ Difficult Conversations 
Marriage Dissolution/ Asset Division/ Parenting Plans
​Victim/ Offender: Restorative Justice
Environmental and Natural Resources Conflicts
School Setting Disputes
Business transactions with less than positive outcomes.​
Small Claims/ Large Claims

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching can be extremely helpful in a variety of situations. 

1) If you are tired of losing relationships (partners, friends, neighbors, jobs) because conflict makes you feel uncomfortable and thus have not developed or deepened your conflict resolution skills...  I will help you build, practice and deepen your skills, which will FREE UP YOUR LIFE!

2) If you are an individual or a family currently wrestling with a specific conflict, I will help you think well and navigate the conflict, while at the same time build and deepen your conflict resolution skills.

3) If you are a HR Professional, Mediator, Psychotherapist, or Leader, I will help you build and deepen your conflict resolution facilitation/mediation skills.

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