Interactive Skill Building Workshops

Difficult Conversations for Leaders/ Difficult Conversations for Employees

* Cubicle Wars! Advanced Workplace Conflict Resolution.

* Coaching Skill Building for Principle Centered Leaders

* Exceptional Customer Service: Where We Struggle

* Exceptional Customer Service: Raising the Bar

​* Exceptional Customer Service: Skill Building to Improve our Internal Customer Service

* Conflict Interaction Skill Building

* Emotional Intelligence Skill Building

* Beyond Emotional Intelligence: Using Social Intelligence to Build Dynamic Teams

​* Resiliency/Positivity Skill Building

* Building and Leading Teams

* Creating a Safe and Productive Workplace

* Behavioral Interviewing

* Effective Positive Communication Skill Building

** I also offer customized workshops and on site employee coaching.

Facilitation Services
Facilitation of Meetings and Retreats
Facilitation of Difficult Conversations
Strategic Planning
Board of Director Development
Skill Building for Coalition Builders
Coaching and Skill Building for Facilitators​

Staff Development and Support
I  provide a customized kaleidoscope of skill building, training, and coaching activities to help develop, and support your team.  Topics addressed may include:

Positive Communication Skill Building
Exceptional Internal and External Customer Service
Conflict Interaction Skill Building/Conflict Resolution Skill Building
Building Personal and Team Resilience/Stress Management
Time Management
Coaching Skills for Leaders
Coalition Building Skills
Emotional Intelligence Skill Building
Multicultural Awareness/ Diversity Issues

​Mediation Skill Building