Brooke A. Corr, BSW.CM/F

Brooke has over 40 years of business creation, development, management, hiring, training, and team building experience.  She has been a leadership coach for over 31 years, a communication coach, a coalition building coach, and conflict coach for over 18 years.  She earned her BSW with honors, from the University of Montana, with an emphasis in communication, multicultural counseling, neuropsychology and Forgiveness and Reconciliation.  She holds certificates in both Advanced Mediation and Family Mediation.  Brooke is a ‘Montana Certified Mediator’ and holds a special ‘Family’ designation. She is a proud Board Member of The Montana Mediation Association.

Brooke has been developing and leading interactive, skill building workshops for over 28 years.  She has developed a proven, evidence based, results driven, step-by step method that helps participants build solid conflict resolution skills. With this method, Brooke has taught conflict resolution skill building workshops and classes throughout Montana, as well as online.  She has also developed similar methodology to teach and build leadership skills, positive communication skills, emotional intelligence skills, coalition building skills and customer service skills.  Brooke also teaches facilitative and transformative mediation skill building.

Brooke works with organizations, agencies, and businesses, to facilitate meetings, short and long term strategic planning, staff support and development, program and policy change, as well as policy development.  Recent projects include the facilitation of the Electronic Irish Research Experience planning grant meetings, the Faculty Retreat for the University of Montana School of Journalism, and the three-year strategic plan for Disability Services for Students at the University of Montana.  Brooke has also been working with the Missoula County Health Department, Health Services Division, focusing on ongoing staff development and improved customer service.  In addition, Brooke also teaches and trains facilitators for a variety of applications.

Brooke mediates emotionally charged, high conflict court cases, parenting plans, and marriage dissolutions.  She is dedicated to helping individuals and groups, resolve conflict in peaceful and transformative ways.

She was a facilitator and trainer for the National Coalition Building Institute from 1999 until 2010, and co-directed the NCBI University of Montana Campus Chapter for two years.  Brooke was the head debriefing facilitator for Tunnel of Oppression, and trained the debriefing facilitators from 2009-2015.  Brooke is currently an active instructor in the University of Montana’s ‘Leadership U’ Certificate Program, where she facilitates conflict interaction skill building, and positive communication skill building.

Brooke is the past Executive Director of The Community Dispute Resolution Center of Missoula County.  Founded in 2013, Brooke is the owner of Kaleidoscope Consulting LLC, specializing in facilitation services, intergroup conflict resolution services, mediation services, interactive skill building workshops, and one on one coaching. Recently, Brooke launched The Peace Project Leadership Institute, providing peaceful and positive online skill building classes, and workshops, as well as online conflict, communication, coalition building and leadership coaching services, and mediation services.

When time allows, Brooke can be found hiking, rock hounding, and snowshoeing with her faithful companion, Daisy Mae, or playing music with her band Triggerfish.