​​​Brooke A. Corr, BSW.CM/F​


Skill Building Educator-Coach

Facilitator-Certified Mediator

Proud Board Member of
The Montana Mediation Association

 Conflict Resolution Skill Building Classes!

Online! Live and Interactive!​​

*Foundations of Conflict Resolution Skill Building Class!

(Next Class begins January 30th, 2018)

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(Next Class begins Feb.1st, 2018)

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The Peace Project Leadership Institute

Proudly Announces:
The PPLI ‘Conversation Series’

'The Power of Self-Advocacy'

is now available to streaming live on You Tube!
Verizon District Manager, Christy Schilke-Pyron,  joined PPLI Director Brooke Corr on October 25th, for a powerful conversation exploring the impact of positive, powerful, self-advocacy.

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Webinar # 1

'Conflict Resolution Skill Building: Setting Ourselves up for Success!

Getting Comfortable with Conflict.

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